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3 Must-Haves for Health Information Exchange

HIE technical solutions should be powerful and customizable, handle a large amount of data influx and outgo, and make our work lives easier. It should solve our everyday headaches: stack integration, downtime and data tagging, just to name a few. Aiglix Health was formed by people—experts—who have worked in the health information exchange space for over 15 years who said—enough—we need a solution that meets ALL of our needs for data exchange. Health information exchange solutions should be both flexible and powerful and highly interoperable to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

In 2018, these experts formed their own company with this goal in mind: Aiglix Health.

Seamless Integration

If you’re using more than one vendor to support your HIE infrastructure, then you know how much time and money is spent to make sure all of the components are working together in sync. If you have to replace a component, you have to research what works and what doesn’t because not all products work together in a best-of-breed model.

Our leadership team at Aigilx Health has done some homework for you, and we’ve taken the guesswork out of stack replacement. NextGate’s market-leading Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) smoothly integrates with our Meridian Data Aggregation Platform.

The EMPI is a next-generation solution that greatly improves patient matching efficiency ensuring the data moves more quickly through the system to where it needs to go. Inaccurate patient identification costs the U.S. healthcare system $6 billion annually and results in medical errors, data quality issues, administrative waste, and poor patient satisfaction. Using these two products together will make your HIE stack smarter, more agile, and, at the end of the day, saves your company dollars. That’s the bottom line.

Minimal Down Time

Downtime in any technology space is not uncommon, but it is a nuisance, and even more so in health information exchange (HIE). In the HIE space, downtime impacts healthcare delivery, quality of patient care, and healthcare planning because clinicians aren’t able to get their data in the moment it’s needed.

What if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore? What if your system goes down and clinicians are still able to retrieve data in the very second that it’s requested? That’s what you get with Meridian DAP. Meridian DAP utilizes container technology, which means less downtime and more data for clinicians because at the end of the day it’s about delivering high quality data to support better patient outcomes.

“As a community health information exchange, we needed a data solution with minimal down time because it’s one of our requirements for being a certified Qualified Entity (QE) in New York State,” said Andrea Richardson, Chief Information Officer of Rochester RHIO. “Less down time has enabled better data access for not only our local doctors and nurses, but also our HIE partners and their authorized users across the state.

Robust Data Tagging

Last but not least, data tagging.

Accurate and appropriate health data access is more crucial than ever in today’s highly-regulated landscape. Users should only be accessing the data they need to do their jobs, but that’s challenging when all health data sits in one large data pool. How do we make sure that care managers and clinicians only look at the data that they need to access?

Meridian DAP solves this problem by utilizing an innovative data tagging algorithm that allows health data to be labeled however you need it. Health data can also be tagged by data source, user access level, and more. Basically, as Meridian DAP customer, your company can customize your data tags for your specific users in your specific state under your specific regulations. Now that is powerful and flexible health data exchange support!

Authored by: Judy St. Jean

Additional editing by: Elizabeth Waye

Join us as we revolutionize and simplify health information and secure data exchange.

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