Where community-wide data comes to life: A whole-person view into clinical, community and lifestyle data.

Community-Wide Data Comes to Life

The Meridian Data Aggregation Platform (DAP) by AigilxHealth, Inc. provides seamless data aggregation bringing community-wide data—healthcare, social services, and more—together in one place. Highly configurable and flexible, users can set up Meridian DAP to meet the evolving and changing needs of the healthcare industry.

User-friendly interface and customizable expressions for easy viewing.
Built-in ability to adapt to ever-evolving legal and industry requirements.
Horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities and much more.
A cutting-edge technology solution created by industry leaders.
Supports expansive data collection and designed to meet the unique needs of health and community information exchange.

Join us as we revolutionize and simplify health information and secure data exchange.

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Meridian DAP (Data Aggregation Platform) packed with cutting-edge features

Dynamic and Responsive Display

User interface is highly customizable with Expression views.


Supports horizontal and vertical scaling based on usage.

Data Management

Out-of-the-box support for de-identified data sets.

Data Consumption

Export data as HL7 v2.x, C-CDA, FHIR, delimited text, and PDF.

Event notifications

Alerts are flexible and customizable.


Ability to define and generate custom reports.

The future of community information exchange is finally at your fingertips.

Having a modular data aggregation platform to seamlessly integrate with existing applications and workflows is key to being successful in the health information exchange space. You need a scalable, vendor agnostic, modular platform that can fit in with existing applications and infrastructure.

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As the focus on collecting data from a variety of sources increases, applications must be able to scale rapidly.  Meridian DAP implements cutting-edge technologies and concepts that will allow it to seamlessly scale and support increased use.

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